Alcomo Cockpit

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Parallel to the helpful app, all data can be easily managed in the Alcomo Cockpit.

The cockpit can be opened in a web browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone and all data is displayed there in a clear and structured manner and can thus also be easily shown during an inspection by the food safety authorities.

Management of the data/records

  • List of all checks recorded in the app
  • Time period can be selected
  • Data can be filtered and searched
Alcomo Cockpit checks of a checklist

Create PDF, XLSX and CSV files

Professional PDF, CSV and XLSX documents of the checks can be easily created, saved or printed and archived.

Configuration of the App

The Alcomo Cockpit allows you to configure the app quickly & easily.

The configuration of the app can be done not only directly in the app, but also in the Alcomo Cockpit directly on your computer. The use of a normal keyboard facilitates the entry of all necessary configuration data, such as the products, suppliers, cleaning, etc. Files can also be attached to the products and cleaning (specifications, instructions) and used directly in the app after synchronization. ( Entered data will appear in the app only after synchronization).

Alcomo Cockpit Configuration of the App

The PDF documents can be customized with your own logo. You can upload the logo via the Alcomo Cockpit.

Alcomo Cockpit account settings and logo

Generate cleaning plan

A professional cleaning plan can be created via the Alcomo Cockpit. It summarizes the cleanings you configured for the cleaning checklist with all the details in a PDF file. The cleaning plan can then be posted in the relevant areas, for example.

Managing multiple kitchens and benchmarking

Through the additional option “Multi-Site” (one-time fee) we merge the subscriptions of the individual sites so that they can be managed together in the Alcomo Cockpit within one master dashboard. The individual sites retain the ability to access their individual Alcomo Cockpit.

Management of the devices in use

In the Alcomo Cockpit you can manage the devices in use. If you have reached the limit of allowed devices, you can delete the devices you no longer use and make room for new ones. Deleting a device does not erase any data. The deleted device can still be used. It will reoccupy the empty slot the next time it is used.

Versions / traceability of modified checks

If a check has been modified subsequently, this can be traced back in the Alcomo Cockpit by clicking on the version number.

Alcomo Cockpit traceability of versions

Synchronization of the app

For login please use the same eMail address and password as for the app and our customer area on the Alcomo website.

In the Alcomo Cockpit you will find all the data you have collected with our Alcomo HACCP App. The prerequisite is that the new data recorded in the app is synchronized.