Our Service for the Gastronomy, Catering & Food Industry

The Foodstuffs and Utility Articles Act in the Swiss Legislation requires among others, that companies who produce and distribute food supervise themselves. This self-monitoring includes health protection, protection against deception, hygienic food handling and traceability.

We provide individual solutions and modular packages for food companies…

the classical Gastronomy, like Restaurants, and large-scale Catering establishments, like the catering in Canteens and Cafeterias, as well as for Catering-Companies and Franchising Companies, like Fast food-Chains and Travel Catering


the Food and Nutrition Industry, like food retailing, small, medium-sized or large Food Manufacturers:

  • Consulting (e.g. support to obtain certification according to IFS, BRC, FSSC 22000, etc.)
  • Monitoring and inspection of facility sanitation and implementation of HACCP-concepts1
  • Checks, Inspections and Audits (internal/external) within the self-supervision1
  • Hazard/ Risk Analysis (e.g. as part of the HACCP-concept)
  • Process-, Weak-point Analysis
  • Food sampling and microbiological analysis (product hygiene)1
  • Surface swab testing and microbiological evaluation (building and equipment sanitation)1
  • Drinking water and bathing/ swimming water samples for microbiological testing1, in cooperation with our partner laboratory
  • Staff Training
  • Supplier audits1
  • Food Allergene Management (Support for the development, introduction and implementation)
  • Food labeling (Guidance concerning the correct declaration of ingredients and indications on the package)

Frequent checks in facilities allow a steady monitoring of the internal (hygiene) processes, as well as their continuous improvement and further development.

1 The evaluation is based on the applicable Swiss food law, especially the LMG, the Foodstuffs and Utility Articles (LGV), the Regulation on Food Information (LIV) and the Hygiene Regulations (HyV).