Alcomo App – Hygiene & HACCP Documentation

HACCP-Documentation – fast, easy and paperless.

We have developed an app for you that is specifically tailored to the needs of the catering/gastronomy industry and meets the requirements of the industry, laws and customers alike.

No more gaps in the documentation. Paper chaos and lost documentation sheets are a thing of the past. With the Alcomo Hygiene App you can carry out the checks as simply and quickly as never before, with just a few clicks!

All data is immediately saved, archived and can be called up no matter where you are. Whether in the basement, in the cold storage room, at the goods receiving area or in the office, you have access to all checks and control sheets.

Self-control has never been easier. All proofs can easily be presented to the food authorities with the app, the Alcomo Cockpit or with the created and stored PDF documents.

Optimized for this one task – hygiene & HACCP documentation

Through many years of experience with our customers in the catering industry and in the area of food hygiene and HACCP, we know the crucial points and where the real problems lie.

Finally there is an app that covers all essential checks and provides simple checklists for the kitchen and buffet area so that paper can be eliminated from the kitchen.

The configuration is simple and self-explanatory. Background information and explanations are available for each step.

The checks can be carried out quickly and easily and are tailored to the general conditions in the kitchen and service.

Alcomo Hygiene App for HACCP documentation

Your data is safe

Your data is stored safe and secure on a Swiss server and is transmitted encrypted to the server. We play it safe and make a daily backup copy of the data.

Multiple devices can be used and synchronized in parallel.

The app works online and offline, also in cold storage rooms or at goods receiving areas, which may not be in the reception area of the WIFI network. As soon as a connection to the server is established again, the data can be synchronized.

Device defective or lost? No problem! The synchronized data is not gone and can be called up and synchronized on the new device.

The documentation is also available as a PDF, CSV and XLSX document online or via the device. In order to protect the data, the PDF documents are only sent to the stored email address.

Android and Apple (iOS) tablets & smartphones

The Alcomo Hygiene App is available on Android and Apple iOS, both on tablets/iPads and smartphones/iPhones.

There are many possible uses. Wall mounting, use of existing tablets (service, cash register, etc.), waterproof and shockproof tablets for the kitchen, smartphones for mobile applications (e.g. delivery service), etc.

Samsung Checklist Waterdrops

The Alcomo Hygiene App

  • Record checks quickly and intuitively. Limit values are displayed automatically and possible corrective measures are suggested if necessary
  • Simple, intuitive configuration. The setup wizard helps you configure daily or weekly tasks
  • Multiple devices can be used and synchronized in parallel
  • Alcomo Cockpit:
    • Online management and evaluations of the records
    • Management of multiple kitchens and benchmarking possible
    • Logo upload for use on documents
    • Generate cleaning plan
  • Your data is stored save and secure on a Swiss server
  • Professional PDF, CSV and XLSX documents of the checks can be easily created, printed or sent by email and archived
  • The app works online and offline, also in cold storage rooms or at goods receiving areas, which may not be in the reception area of the WIFI network.
  • Photos can be taken for traceability
  • The Alcomo Hygiene App is constantly being developed, more and more helpful checklists are gradually added, so that you can do the complete self-check paperless in the future
  • In the news feed you can always keep up to date and access interesting news about food safety, hygiene and HACCP
  • The Food Act is always available as a reference work
  • The info buttons provide useful explanations
  • Quickly configurable and easy to use app
  • German, French, English

We developed the Alcomo app for our customers!

You can use the Alcomo app free of charge if you regularly purchase services from us, e.g. carry out regular hygiene checks and hygiene training and have food samples analyzed. (see service contract with Alcomo SA)

Are you not yet a customer with us, but still interested in the app?

If you purchase the subscription on our website, you can use the Alcomo Hygiene App. Download the app from the app store and log in to the app with the same credentials (username & password) that you use on our website. As soon as you have a valid subscription, you can use the app without restrictions and, among other things, also access the news via the app.

If you have any questions about the app or our services, simply contact us: Contact

Test 7 days for free!   🎉

If you register, you can test the Alcomo Hygiene App for 7 days at no cost. You don’t have to sign up for a subscription and you can try our app without any obligation.

It is also possible to use the app in demo mode without registering to get to know the majority of its functions.

Discover the advantages of our app today!