Broken glass in jam

On 02/01/2023, HERO initiated a product recall.

It can not be excluded that there is broken glass in the 320g jar of apricot jam of HERO Delica brand.
The affected best before date is 02/06/2024 and the lot number is L3220815.

Since there is a potential health hazard from the product, you can return the jars free of charge to the retail stores.

A telephone number for queries has been published especially for this purpose: 062 885 51 11 (from Mo-Fr 8.00-17.00)

Foreign objects are repeatedly the cause of product recalls.

Often it is glass or metal parts that can pose a health hazard to the consumer.

A foreign object management system supports food production in avoiding contamination, investigating it and identifying it. In foreign object management, the maintenance program for equipment and cleaning records also plays a major role.

Image: BLV – Public warnings and food recalls