“Hygiene enemy” – cockroach: pest control in gastronomy

Cockroaches are more than just a nuisance in the kitchen. They are notorious as a “hygiene enemy” and can cause serious health problems. Here’s what you need to know to keep your restaurant or kitchen safe. Why are Cockroaches Dangerous? Cockroaches carry pathogens such as salmonella and tuberculosis bacteria, as well as parasites that can…

Staff training in the area of food safety

How to develop, implement and document an effective training program Food safety is a top priority for any foodservice operation. Every restaurant owner wants the food they serve to be safe for consumption, for the protection of guests and consumers, and because your restaurant’s reputation is at stake. One of the most important requirements to…

Broken glass in jam

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On 02/01/2023, HERO initiated a product recall. It can not be excluded that there is broken glass in the 320g jar of apricot jam of HERO Delica brand.The affected best before date is 02/06/2024 and the lot number is L3220815. Since there is a potential health hazard from the product, you can return the jars…

New feature: External delivery service

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Alcomo Hygiene App Correctdelivery temperatures? New update Now also suitable for cooperation with external delivery services. External delivery services External delivery services can now document temperature checks of food delivered to the customer. They can use the Alcomo app without a subscription. The deliveries are sent via QR code to the external delivery person. In…
Eggs in egg box

Salmonella in chocolate from Barry Callebaut

Salmonella is mainly known in connection with raw eggs. But these bacteria can also be found in chocolate.Barry Callebaut had to halt chocolate production at its factory in Wieze, Belgium, after salmonella was detected in a batch produced on site on Monday. At the moment, further investigations are underway.At the beginning of April, a Ferrero…

Bakterienschleuder – Küchenschwamm regelmäßig wechseln

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Haben Sie sich auch schon öfter gefragt, wie oft man eigentlich so einen Küchenschwamm wechseln sollte? Küchenschwämme sind sehr praktisch und hilfreich, doch auch schwierig zu reinigen und sauber zu halten. Forscher haben die Keimbelastung von gebrauchten Schwämmen untersucht und kamen zu einem unerfreulichen Ergebnis. So viele Bakterien wie im Darm Die Forscher fanden tatsächlich ganze…
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