New checklist “Retention samples”

Rückstellproben im Rahmen des HACCP-Konzepts
Retention samples within the framework of the HACCP concept

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We are pleased to introduce an additional checklist for the documentation of retention samples. As part of the HACCP concept, retention samples are important to ensure the safety of the food in your restaurant and to be able to investigate in case of a food-related hygiene incident.

Retention samples are food samples that are taken by the food manufacturer itself and kept frozen usually for 1-2 weeks. If an illness occurs in a guest, the retention sample can be examined. In the best case, this can prove that the food is not the cause of the foodborne illness.

With the latest app version, we not only offer this helpful new checklist, but also improved data synchronization. The app now automatically performs a sync in the background, in addition to the ability to manually initiate the sync.

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