The hygiene plan – correct cleaning and disinfection

Hygiene plan, kitchen hygiene

The hygiene and cleanliness of the production facility is a basic prerequisite for perfect product hygiene.

A hygiene plan is used to organize and check cleaning and disinfection in production, but also in other areas such as the guest area or sanitary facilities.

A hygiene plan is nothing more than a cleaning and disinfection plan. It is advisable to display it in the form of a table in the respective areas. This allows the work to be monitored and checked accordingly and all employees have an overview of when which areas need to be cleaned and, if necessary, disinfected.

Cleaning plan

A cleaning plan should include at least the following information:

  1. What needs to be cleaned: Define work surfaces, rooms, equipment or machines to be cleaned.
  2. At what time, i.e. when should cleaning take place? For example, daily after work or continuously after use, weekly or even monthly. It is advisable to include an exact day in the schedule for weekly cleanings, e.g. Wednesday, and to define at least one week for monthly cleanings (e.g. first week of the month) so that the cleaning can be checked accordingly.
  3. How cleaning is to be carried out: The exact description of the cleaning process and whether disinfection is included. For example: a. Remove coarse dirt, b. Foam cleaning, c. Rinse and dry thoroughly, d. Spray disinfection.
  4. Name of the cleaning agent and disinfectant, as well as the required concentration: e.g. name of the disinfectant, concentration and the exposure time of the corresponding agents.
  5. Person in charge or responsibilities: Name and/or function of the person responsible for cleaning and disinfection, as well as the person responsible for correct cleaning. In many cases, the completed cleaning and disinfection is also checked and approved, so that this person then assumes responsibility.

In addition to the cleaning plan, it is advisable to keep checklists of the cleaning work.

This allows cleaning to be checked retrospectively and good hygiene practice (GHP) can be verified at any time in the form of documentation.

To further simplify the implementation and documentation of your cleaning plan, our Alcomo HACCP app offers a practical solution: not only can you create cleaning plans efficiently, but you can also document the execution of cleaning and disinfection work directly. This means you always have an overview of the hygiene standards in your business and ensure complete documentation – conveniently and easily via your smartphone or tablet.