Salmonella in chocolate from Barry Callebaut

  • Salmonella is mainly known in connection with raw eggs. But these bacteria can also be found in chocolate.
  • Barry Callebaut had to halt chocolate production at its factory in Wieze, Belgium, after salmonella was detected in a batch produced on site on Monday.
  • At the moment, further investigations are underway.
  • At the beginning of April, a Ferrero factory in Belgium had already stopped production because several hundred salmonella cases became known in Europe that were linked to chocolate products manufactured in Belgium.
  • The salmonella was found in one production lot, but as a precautionary measure, other production lines were stopped and products were blocked.

The cause of the contamination has been identified, according to Barry Callebaut. The salmonella is said to have been in lecithin, which is used in all chocolate production.

All customers have been contacted and asked not to use the delivered goods of this batch. According to Barry Callebaut, it is highly unlikely that customers have already processed or even shipped the chocolate from the plant in Belgium. The clarifications are ongoing.